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TRIBECA has an ethical approach to hair and beauty.

While our focus is the hair and beauty needs of our clients - we believe we can do this while being considerate of the effect our products, services and industry. We consider the wellbeing of our clients, team and the environment when selecting products and suppliers, or developing practices and policies.



We have adopted gender neutral service pricing structure to ensure fairness and equality accross all genders. Our team train on services for all genders and ages, with a wide range of services we are confident we have a service or product to accommodate everyone's needs. - vegan_PNG24.png

Vegan products

Like everywhere, the hair industry as a whole has moved away from animal products. We proudly use and stock vegan products in salon.


Organic products

We love organic products! Our professional and retail products use organic botanicals and ingredients to achieve results that are better or the same as non-organic or synthetic options. This is not only best for you - but our planet too!


Australian Made & Owned

Where possible we use and stock products which are made and owned in Australia. This means less shipping costs, less shipping emissions and we help support the Australian economy. More and more our suppliers are sourcing Australian ingredients to make their products too! Every little bit helps.


Family Owned & Operated

Two of our largest product suppliers are Australian family owned and operated businesses. We love working with other aussie's who are passionate about the hair and beauty industy. We love having their family look out for the hair and beauty needs of our clients.


Proudly Local

TRIBECA is owned and operated by Dalyellup residents and all our team are locals too! We all proudly live in the South West and love the family feel to the region. We were warmly welcomed by the community when we opened in April 2022 and have enjoyed giving back to the community ever since.

Click here for more information on the brands and products we use and stock.



TRIBECA are proudly part of the Sustainable Salon movement.

Sustainable Salons is a social enterprise that helps its salon members reduce their impact on the planet and invest in local communities. This is done with the collection of waste materials from participating salons and recycling or using this material for other purposes. The money raised from the sale of these products is then used to support community groups.

TRIBECA collect and recycle:

Linnk Window Sticker Hair.png


Linnk Window Sticker Hair.png


Linnk Window Sticker Hair.png


Linnk Window Sticker Hair.png


Linnk Window Sticker Hair.png


Linnk Window Sticker Hair.png


Linnk Window Sticker Hair.png


Linnk Window Sticker Hair.png


For more information on the Sustainable Salons movement, click here.

To see collections, donations and the positive impacts TRIBECA and other salons have made, click here.

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